Solo dining in London

Hello! I’m looking for some recommendations for solo dining in London, preferably around either Notting Hill or Kensington? Flying visit next week for work and would love to find a nice spot for dinner! Thanks in advance.

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There’s a lot of love on the community for Gold in Notting Hill!
Daphne’s in Chelsea is gorge, and I don’t think you can go wrong with The Ivy.
Have a fab time!

You can find a lot of restaurants with bar space in notting hill which I find ideal for solo dining as you’re facing the bar staff! For example Caia on Golborne Road and The Grand on Portobello Road are great for this!

Head to the beautiful Kuro Eatery – they have a lovely counter to dine at:

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This is a more central London suggestion but Yokocho on Heddon Street has individual ramen booths - great for a solo dinner.

Otherwise I’d also recommend Kuro Eatery!

Amazing suggestions, thanks all! Going to aim for Gold or Kuro Eatery.

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