Solo girls trip - Not hiking!


I just wondered if any of the Sheerluxe community ladies might know of a travel group for women. I’m 45 and all my friends are married with kids, something I seem to have missed the boat on.
I have found some groups online but they either are not my age group, their sites haven’t been updated in a long time or are focused on hiking! I’m sure hiking is great but I’d prefer a relaxing holiday with some beach time and some sightseeing. I never thought I’d be in a situation like this but seeing as I am, I’m determined to seek out some fun rather than wallow and lament. Any ideas gratefully welcomed.

Maybe this is a spin off Sheerluxe club in the making…:smile:


Hi Sophia,

A friend of mine goes on Gutsy Girls holidays (and has since run some of the trips) and they always sound so fun and full of women in their 20s-40s from all walks of life.

Some are more active than others, but the yoga/SUP ones in Croatia and Sardinia look like they could also have lots of beach time and relaxing too:


Thanks Heather! I’ll take a look. Have a great weekend​:+1::blush:

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You too!

Flashpack! I have done two trips with them - Vietnam and Tanzania/Zanzibar. Both fantastic. The group I went to Vietnam with go on holidays together every year since. And everyone has done at least two trips with them.
It is a little pricier than others but worth it for higher end accommodation.
They usually offer two types of trips per location - one more sporty other more foodie in my experience.
I am booking another this year, most likely Bali.
I know it can be daunting so if you want to chat about it, I’d be happy to. Let me know and we can find a way.
You will not regret it, I promise!! I was sad at the prospect at first but now, these are the best things I have ever done!

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Hi Sophia, just to assure you, you’re not alone!

I’m the same age and often travel alone because all my friends are married with children.

I’ve done backpacking groups before finding a travel group locally in Ireland by someone who organises group travel so going to try one of those.

I’ve also looked at FlashPack - their trips look epic if you want to go International. I just personally like a nice balance between being in a Group and having me time which Group travel doesn’t always cater for.
I’m just back from a few days in Italy exploring Milan, Bergamo, Lake Como & Venice - all on my own but completely bliss!

Keep us posted on what you opt to do.

There’s also an option for any other like minded solo women here who’d like to travel to arrange a little trip together.

Good luck!


Hi Emily,

Thank you for the recommendation! It’s good to know that you’ve experienced it first hand. I will take a look at Flashpack too :blush:

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Hi Ciara,

Thank you for your advice. I have travelled by myself before, quite a lot actually in my twenties and I loved every second of it. Right now, I’d prefer to travel with other people but I agree with you, I’d like the option to do my own thing is the activity doesn’t appeal to me which might be a small problem in an organised group.

Either way, it’s all food for thought. I’d also be interested in a group of like minded women getting something together here.

Amy other takers? :blush:


Also, I CAN spell, just clearly rubbish at proof reading or spotting autocorrect errors!