Sommelier course


Has anyone done/or gifted a sommelier course…. I’d like to gift my fiancé this for a birthday present (he’s so into his wine!!!) but ideally it wouldn’t cost more than £200…… any pointers would be very well received

Thank you!!


This sounds like such a nice gift!

Humble Grape have a pro school, as does South London Wine School.

Then there are some more casual options including:
Curated lessons at Shrine to the Vine
Cheese and wine sessions at Provisions
and a cool new wine series at Ploussard

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The WSET (wine spirit education trust) level 2 class is really good-- lasts about 8 weeks and you go once a week after work. Its slightly more than 200, but well worth it as you get a really all encompassing education if he’s never studied wine before properly.

You also get to taste around 6 glasses per class, and study a different region/grape variety for each class. If he likes it you can continue to work your way up the ranks, as the professionals do.

They also have one off/more niche classes for around £30 if you want to dip a toe first.

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I did something similar for my Husband, and in the end we did a group wine tasting event at Humble Grape and it was brilliant! So I’m sure their pro school would be too

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