Southampton recs please

Hi all, am planning to stop off in Southampton next week on my way to holiday on the Dorset coast. I’ve never been before so keen for any recs for places to eat (brunch/lunch), any shops or quick sights worth visiting so we can make the stop an upgrade on a motorway services!! We’ll also have our 4yo son with us so bonus points for any child-friendly places! Thanks in advance x


I grew up between Winchester and Southampton so here’s a few reccos for you:

Depending on the weather, if sunny, I would definitely say to visit HarBar They have a rooftop bar & restaurant menu and it should be suitable for your little one. Failing that, there’s quite a few eateries surrounding it with nice views! is meant to be great! also lovely!

West Quay is the shopping centre -
There’s loads of foodie places both inside and outside (by the historic walls!) - L’Osteria, Wagamama, The Real Greek, Franco Manca.

Failing that, not sure which way you are driving or where from but here’s a few extra recess right near to the M3 (junctions 11/12/13) + the M27:

Hope that helps & if you have an exact location or anywhere else in mind I can give you some more reccos x


Amazing, thanks so much! A few people have said Winchester is lovely so think we might stop there instead. Any particular favourites there? X

Yes I would agree!
The Wykeham Arms is delicious
Three Joes Pizza
The Dispensary Kitchen
Bishop on The Bridge

These are a mixture of options x x

Thanks so much for these - we went today and loved Winchester! Went with the Winchester Orangery for lunch (great) plus Forte Kitchen for tea/coffee which was also lovely. Would highly recommend Winchester for a mooch around x

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Great to know, thanks for sharing!