Special anniversary trip in europe

Can anyone please recommend an amazing hotel in europe to celebrate a big wedding anniversary? We have looked at caruso in ravello which is perfect but insanely expensive or nobu ibiza. Grateful for any suggestions-budget ideally no more that £1500 a night. MTIA xx


I would have a look at:

Hotel Palazzo Guadagni, Florence,

Villa Gamberaia, Florence (https://www.villagamberaia.com/)

Il Borro, Arezzo,

Villa Cetinale, Siena,

Grand Hotel Continental, Siena.

I would also have a look at these properties, hand-picked by the team at Italy Segreta:


I visited Menorca Experimental and loved it!! It might be a little more understated than the hotels you have listed but it is so gorgeous. Menorca has lots of beautiful beaches and dinner destinations.

How about something like the new Bulgari Hotel in Rome? It’s so gorgeous!

If I’m not too late…
Sao Lourenco do Barrocal - understated but gorgeous
Son Vell, Menorca
Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Como
Forestis, Dolomites
Mezze Torre, Ischia

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