SPF Advice - Ask Us Everything You Want To Know

From how chemical and mineral SPF’s differ to how often you should be reapplying and which factors are best, ask us all your SPF-related questions and we will pass them onto dermatologists.

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I’d love a recommendation for a decent non-greasy SPF that can be reapplied over make-up without ruining it (thinking for weddings etc!)


Is there much difference between factor 30 and factor 50 in terms of protection? I had heard there’s not much in it…

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I’m prone to heat rash - are there any ingredients I should avoid or certain formulas to try?

Is there such a thing as a healthy tan - or is this a myth?

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve burnt my ears/nose/lips - are there any good products to know to keep these areas protected?

How long should a bottle of suncream last you on holiday? I always think we need to be applying much more than we do!


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would love a recco for a lightweight body mist SPF that wont feel greasy but that has a high factor x


How often do you need to reapply an SPF cream?

What are the best SPF over make-up sprays?

Any products you recommend that are factor 50+? Do these exist?

Best types for oily skin?

Is waterproof SPF any good? Is this worth using?

What about SPF lip balm? How do you stop your lips from getting sun damage?

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How do you protect your hairline, is there an SPF specifically for this?

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What’s a non greasy SPF to use for an oily prone skin?

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Is SPF in make up as good as SPF cream?

I wear my SPF under my makeup but I feel it makes it greasy and my makeup comes off, any advice?

What are the best waterproof SPF’s?

Best roll on SPF’s for kids to take to school.

How much SPF should you apply to your face to be ‘protected’?
Recommendations for a face SPF that doesn’t cause a breakout?
I’ve heard you’re meant to apply sun cream and then wait half an hour before going into the sun for it to soak in - is that true?

Beauty of Joseon Rice Probiotic SPF cream, very light and good under makeup!

I like the Beauty of Joseon Rice Probiotic SPF. It’s really light, goes well under makeup. I don’t use a moisturizer beforehand, just a very light VitC serum.

Black oiled to mixed skin types have to use oil/free ones, surely. But i face a problem using them when sweating.
I END UP WITH A “GOSH FACE”. What would you recommend? Textures, brands?

Thank you for all your questions!

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