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I am looking for a good facial SPF to add to my daily skincare routine, as well as one for the body to use in the summer/ for hols. I hate it when they feel greasy on the face and particularly if they pill/ ruin makeup. Does anyone have any reccs? My skin can be fairly dry but been I’ve been told it’s combination.

I am super pale so lather in factor 50 without fail and I know how important it is to help stop ageing. I’ve found that using a pre holiday tan accelerator cream actually stopped me from burning so badly last time! Has anyone used any other good ones? I used the Gatineau one. I know you can get supplements that do the same as I have some Dr Barbara Sturm ones I was given.

Thank you in advance x

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I really like this - i think it actually makes my make-up look better! adds a nice glow without feeling greasy and doesn’t leave behind a horrible white cast.

I don’t think you can wear it on your body too, but they also have others in their range which work for the body:

I love a mist personally!

I also used this last summer to top up throughout the day and really loved it for my face:


I swear by La Roche Pose’s Anthelios SPF for face - it’s light but moisturising.

I also burn so easily and hate to say it, but SPF50 and shade bathing is the way forward! I would personally be wary of any creams that claim to accelerate a tan, but this Heliocare supplement will give you more protection from within!


Thank you Tor. Agreed re being hesitant around products that accelerate tan (I never tan anyway - well off white is the shade!) but it did seem to work and I noticed a difference! This was it… Tan Accelerating Lotion – Gatineau Skincare

Ahh I haven’t ever tried these two so that’s fab x

For body, I have to say I really like Vichy’s SPF range. I MUST sing the praises of the Milky Sun Protection Spray from Rituals, too. I also burn easily and struggle to tan but this felt so lovely upon application & even felt I could go down to SPF30. As it is a mist it’s easy to apply without ending up with too much product everywhere. The smell immediately transports me to holiday mode! I have hardly ever burnt with these. x

I love this for the face: https://www.superdrug.com/skin/sun-care/sun-protection-creams/la-roche-posay-anthelios-ultra-light-invisible-fluid-spf50/p/817522?&&gclid=CjwKCAjw5pShBhB_EiwAvmnNV55nbJyluPsKtPzvmGpA_m6sfGVWMFuOJM2si1Bss3joTDwIezlRLBoCO4QQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

In my opinion, it’s unrivalled! For body too, been loving the brand Ultra Violette: https://ultraviolette.co.uk/

They offer great products that work for both face and body! Can’t beat a bit of Institut Esthederm either xx

This Dermalogica one melts into the face so quickly and is not oily, I also have hyper-sensitive skin and have had no issues with this one: Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 50ml - LOOKFANTASTIC

I love The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi- Protection Light Essence SPF 50 PA +++ for my face. It is light, not greasy and you can apply make up on top of it. I wear it all year round for protection.

So I’m obsessed with SPFs and I’ve tried a lot but this one from MyBlockSkin is the best because it’s non greasy but also invisible so as a clear gel it’s super easy to rub in and it doesn’t leave your skin looking greasy.