SPF for Outdoor Workouts

Hi SL Community
After the recent article “Your Top SPF Questions Answered”, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a great SPF to wear while working out/exercising outdoors? I like to run outdoors, usually first thing in the morning, before showering/doing my full skincare routine. Looking for an SPF I could apply quickly/easily before heading out for a run, and that ideally won’t just slip off with sweat. Any recommendations would be great!

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I love Ultrasun’s sports range - it’s a gel that’s sweat-proof and water resistant so you don’t have to worry about it coming off or reapplying! It’s mainly for the body but I’ve also used it on my face without any troubles. It also comes in a spray

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Hi Rhys, I’d also recommend Ultrasun! Also check out LifeJacket, they do a good SPF50 gel that’s light and very easy to apply: https://lifejacketskin.com/products/spf-50-sun-gel?variant=44454377783602


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Hey! I’m a fan of something lightweight for the body, especially if you’re doing something like exercise so I’d recommend



Fantastic, thanks Tor! X

Amazing, thank you!

I also love Lancaster for outdoor SPF’s! Well worth checking out

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Thanks Rebecca!

Would second this!

Agree I use Lancaster - they’re great! I love the body mist spf so good https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lancaster-Sport-Cooling-Invisible-SPF50/dp/B09SZGZQB8

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