Step by step changing your name after marriage (UK)

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Internet is a minefield for this topic, so am hoping for help on here! Would anyone happen to know the first first step to changing your name after getting married (uk) Thank you in advance! Gx

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Oh id love to know this too!

I haven’t done it yet, but I believe you need to change your passport first (make sure you don’t have any flights booked in your old name), then bank cards etc and everything else is quite straightforward x

I also haven’t changed mine yet as I am a bit of an admin- phobe! Would be interested to find out.

I changed mine recently - I’m not sure if I did it in the most efficient way but everything was sorted within 2 weeks, including my passport which I was very impressed by, although of course it can take a lot longer than that! Was probably very lucky.
I made a list of all the key places I needed to change it… passport, banks, mobile phone company, drivers licence, HMRC, electoral office, work etc. Probably a bit more difficult if you own a property - not sure what you need to do there.
I then requested a few certified copies of our marriage certificate from the registrar team who married us (can do this via their website or email), as some places ask for this certified copy rather than a photocopy.
Changed my passport first - easy to find the right forms etc online (made sure I wasn’t travelling anywhere anytime soon)
Then once I had that back I could do the rest in parallel. I collected the drivers licence form from my local post office.
I sent any original documents recorded delivery and included pre-paid, pre-addressed signature delivery packaging for the return of my original documents - but each place usually gives you instructions about this.
Each bank etc has their own forms or processes to follow - some require you to go into the branch itself and some can be done online
Hope that’s helpful!


Super helpful, Nina. Thank you so so much!!
A friendly note for anyone following this feed and creating a new surname or combining your surnames (so we’re going for a hyphen of Summers-Flint) you will need to complete a deed-poll. Super easy and simple and I used this company:
Once you have the signed deed-poll, you can then move forward with the helpful steps from Nina it seems.
Thanks again, all!

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I didn’t do it and I’m all for feminism but I’d say it’s really a lot easier to get on and do it and share a family name - yours - his / combined - having different names to your family is a ball ache - IMO! Gx