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Hey lovely people.

I am in the market for a new pram for my soon to be bubs and I am so overwhelmed. Live in London, love going for walks but just cannot decide what pram is good value for money, will last, will be comfortable etc. I would love to hear from others what has worked for them or not?

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I had a beautiful, top-of-the-range Silver Cross pram to buggy convertible, which was heavy, wide and totally impractical! It was difficult to push around shops and cafes and the wheels got stuck in mud. So please don’t make that mistake…

If you like going shopping, meeting friends for lunch and coffee, walks in parks, attending outdoor events etc., then opt for a narrow buggy with all-terrain wheels.
That way, your baby is comfortable, but you still get to have a life!
(Also, do choose a dark, practical colour. The bright colours look fab, but show every mark.)

Thank you so much this is so helpful

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I forgot to add: The systems which have the option of a first clip-on car seat are brilliant, as the baby often falls asleep during a car journey. Then you don’t need to wake a grumpy child to put him/her in the buggy - you just lift the seat out of the car, clip it straight onto the frame and go. Baby stays asleep, peace all round.
It’s also worth buying a clip-on rain hood to cover the whole lot to keep your baby dry.

Most buggies have some kind of storage container in the base, but you will need a big bag to fit in there or with wide straps so it can be slung across the handlebars to hold all the nappies, creams, changes of clothes, bottles etc. Again, opt for something dark with a wipeable lining, lots internal sections and pockets.

I chose a Joolz Hub because I wanted a narrow pram that wouldn’t stop me from getting in shops/cafes etc and folds easily to fit in my Renault Zoe boot. It has adapters for maxi cosi car seats. That was 5 years ago and it’s still going strong with baby number 2 who’s almost 1 and I’ve done a lot of walking! Bugaboo Bee was another we considered but I found it just a bit too small.
It feels like no pram is perfect though - whoever you speak to has pros and cons of the one they chose so it’s worth going to actually try some out to see what’s important to you and which you like the feel/size of.

I’d definitely consider getting 2nd hand as well if you find a brand/style you’re looking for. We got a 2nd hand icandy for at grandparents house for £80 and that is a bit sun-faded but works absolutely fine. You could also pick up a lot of the accessories (which can really ramp up the price and some you might choose not to splash out on because they’re often so expensive) for a lot less as well. You’d probably want Gumtree/Facebook marketplace for the actual pram so you can go see it but there’s a lot of accessories on Vinted too. Saying that, I’ve got a cheap raincover from Amazon that was compatible with the pram and that’s fine 5 years later too so you don’t have to spend the money on all the branded stuff.

Hope some of this is helpful and good luck in choosing - there really is toooo much choice! :smile:

I had the same dilemma and in all honesty, i don’t think one buggy does it all.
The bugaboo Fox is really popular but they have also launched a super compact stroller which is ideal for London called the Butterfly.