Styling my own wardrobe

Money is short how can I jazz up a birthday outfit from my already tired clothes in my wardrobe to look really nice and modern.



Happy Birthday in advance! Shop your own wardrobe - I bet you will find items you haven’t worn in ages and they will feel like new looks to wear. Also experiment with different ways to style your favourite items. Wearing them with a style combination you’ve never worn before will also feel like a new look.

Lastly, you can switch up shoes and accessories - I’ve found some great deals on Vinted lately x

Nothing fits well around the waist and back. Everything seems tight uncomfortable.

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Download the FREE ‘Freshwell’ app to your mobile, read all of the modules - they are quick and easy to understand.
In a month or two your clothes will be fitting comfortably again!
No weighing, no calorie counting, no points, no ‘sins’ - just old-fashioned healthy food.