Styling the shearling Hermes Chypre sandals

I recently got some of the tan/ecru shearling Hermes Chypre sandals as a gift and I love them, but I’m struggling to style them! Any suggestions that make them look cool and not like I’ve accidentally left the house in my slippers!?

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Hi Amy

Does this feature on clogs help?

Wide-leg jeans, skinny T, oversize sweatshirt or jumper…

Maybe match to a bag, to complete the look…

This bag below also comes in a tan / shearling colourway:

Add some tan and cream coordinating earrings, and it’s clear to everyone that you are going ‘out out’ and have not just ‘popped out’ in your slippers!

(Suede tassels below are available with gold or silver fittings.)

Oo love them! As we are entering spring, I would style them with loose white/ ecru jeans and an oversized netural jumper or long sleeve top. I actually have this look saved on my Instagram which I love, this is how I would wear them!