Stylish raincoat

Looking for a cool, chic, wear over anything raincoat for this crazy changeable weather. Open on budget, just looking for something timeless and elevated!

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I love this one from Joules, it’s versatile stylish and modern. I would recommend sizing down as it comes up quite large.

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Not sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for, but I don’t mind the ones from Le Petit Bateau - Iconic Recycled Fabric and Organic Cotton Raincoat SALINE | Petit Bateau

Massimo Dutti usually has a good selection of jackets that are waterproof but stylish!

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I feel like you can’t go wrong with Barbour, you can shop them on ASOS to take advantage of premier delivery if you have it! Obsessed with this one!


I’m obsessed with my Resume Copenhagen one. It’s very roomy, so I’d say size down, especially if you don’t plan on wearing bulky sweaters with it.

Rains do great waterproof coats

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I love these adidas Stella coats!

I bought a similar one in another colour (they have a few), they’re Gortex and love that they’re long. It’s a bit oversized so I also layer mine with a Uniqlo gilet for the winter to make it an all-year-round wear.

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I second Rains - such good quality! Also Stutterheim has some lovely ones:

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I found Rains didn’t fit me properly and ended up with a Stutterheim. Love it and totally recommend for horrible rainy weather.

I like my rains jacket but if you want full cover I love vivi Mari. They are long but love it. I like using it yo walk the dog or through on if it’s pouring down.

Love my rains jacket!

Ok I love a few ones here. I love my Rains jacket looks good and is great. But I recently bought Vivi Mari - it’s long so keeps you dry, it’s made from recyclable materials and I personally love it. Looks great too. I love it as light weight and white baggy do when it’s cold a big jumper underneath.

I would like to second the Rains suggestions and also suggest considering K-Way as another classic option.

Personally I love transforming any coat into a raincoat with a quilted hooded “bib” like this one: Quilted Hood Bib - Black - ARKET GB

Lululemon have good quality raincoats. I’ve had one for a couple of years now. Great for walking the dog and lightweight so easy to carry around

The black belted rains jacket is my go to staple, goes with gym gear and with work clothes too!