Summer must haves


Wondering what you would say are this seasons must haves? and what are you most excited to wear?


Good question!! Trend-wise I am loving waistcoats, either worn as a matching set or with a pair of jeans. I think it’s a really cool look! Imo everyone should have a great pair of linen trousers, but that goes for every year. I got these from Dissh last year and I’d highly recommend as they are lined, so you don’t have to worry too much about flashing your knickers!! x

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Hi Polly, can you recommend a really nice pair of pyjama style trousers - probably blue with stripes. I can’t find any and am considering just buying some real PJS and wearing those, probably men’s! :see_no_evil: I like the ones that look a bit like PJs with the waistband detail and pockets. Thank you

Yes absolutely! I have a couple of suggestions: these ones from Djerf Avenue and also these from Speltham x

Thank you x😊