T-Shirt Recommendations


My sister has asked for a t-shirt for Christmas, slightly oversized style, the kind of t-shirt you can just throw on when you don’t know what else to wear!

I have looked at Anine Bing and Ganni - but does anyone have any recommendations other than these? Looking at up to £100.

Thank you!

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Hi! You can take a look at Arket. For example, they have this one: https://www.arket.com/en_eur/women/tops/product.oversized-t-shirt-white.0886306002.html

Have a look at Massimo Dutti, Weekend Max Mara, Reiss, Polin et Moi, Esprit, United Colours of Benetton

Hi my go to is always COS as they’re a really flattering fit and also good quality, for the oversized look I’d always size up once: https://www.cos.com/en_gbp/women/womenswear/t-shirts/product.the-clean-cut-t-shirt-white.0960679001.html?gclid=CjwKCAiAsIGrBhAAEiwAEzMlC45XlGAvdLIN2CTaEPIU5i7zWAPHOxmRIiFiLgJKWWbqmY06knfPsBoCpAoQAvD_BwE

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I always buy mine from COS x

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ARKET and cos!!

COS, Arket or All Saints

I have recently ordered a couple from Everlane in the sale. They are the perfect oversize and great quality cotton.