Tel Aviv reccs!

Going to Tel Aviv for the first time next Easter - super excited! But no clue what we should do, hmu with your reccs pleeease :slight_smile: x

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Oh i’m so jealous you’re going for the first time, I can’t imagine how amazing it will be through fresh eyes. It’s insane for foodies - highly recommend Port Said, Romano, Fu sushi, Vicki Cristina, Tao, Abraxas North, David V Yosef, Popina, Dallals, and you must get a froyo from Tamara. Make sure to do some day trips - go to Jerusalem and see the Western Wall, walk around the shuk etc, and try to get a reservation at Machneyuda - alternatively, it’s the best place for a proper shawarma or falafel. A day at the beach is the best - sit on Gordon beach or Lala Land beach for the best food.


Thanks so much for coming back to me :slight_smile: All sounds great - so exciting, I can’t wait! x

Chef Oded Oren, who’s from Tel Aviv, shared his top recommendations here:

Thanks so much Sherri, this is really great! <3 x

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