Thank You Bag - Gift Ideas

Hi Folks. My lovely friends are arranging a baby shower for me and I would love to create thank you gift bags for them. My challenge I don’t know what to put in the bags without breaking the bank either. Any ideas welcome.


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I did something similar for my friends a couple of years ago and ended up including: canned cocktail/wine, Tony’s Chocoloney bar, Candy Kittens, sheet mask, L’Occitane mini hand cream and a beaded bracelet (try Etsy), plus a handwritten thank you card for each one…

Hope that helps a bit!

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It does thank you :blush:

Heya, I love this sort of thing!
I second those ideas! I would also see if there is anything you buy in packs as an affordable way of doing it. I did these for my friends when going on holiday and bought a set of sunglasses chains from amazon, it was sweet to have the same thing in different colours.
Some other ideas: a lip balm, scrunchie or hair tie, tangle teezer, multi set of mini candles split between them x

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Also great ideas thanks so much xx

I love the idea of a personal letter for each person, it’s a very low cost way of making people feel very special. I also think getting some flowers and splitting them between the bags (maybe wrap them in a cute paper) will add a little extra on the aesthetic side of the bag! Then a little candle and face mask for everyone, maybe a little bottle of bubbles and you’ve got the cutest little thank you bags! x

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The personal letters didn’t think of that. Thank you :two_hearts: