The best white shirt

In your opinion what is the best white shirt? The Paloma one or one from Withnothingunderneath. I am quite top heavy so need something that moves and doesn’t add unnecessary bulk.

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Out of the two brands, I’ve only tried With Nothing Underneath so I can’t compare, but I can really vouch for the quality and fit of WNU! I also love this Arket one.

Love this oversized style by Aimé. x

I would agree with Florence and I’d go for WNU but I also love this one from COS with its oversized fit.

Cos do great white shirts

I have the Paloma which is so soft and lovely to wear - I don’t think it would add any bulk at all. Wearing it today actually! I also love the Anine Bing Mika Shirt which is a bit crisper but a really lovely shape. x

Thank you everyone. Really appreciate your help. Going to get buying!

Agreed the Mika from Anine Bing is always a winner