The next Book Club podcast is live! Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld



This month, Heather Steele & Georgina Blaskey are joined by award-winning author & journalist
Sophia Money-Coutts to delve deep into Curtis Sittenfeld’s 2023 hit novel Romantic Comedy.
From how to write good sex scenes to the recipe for a successful romantic comedy, the three explore why this new paperback is the ultimate summer read.
Plus, Sophia shares all the details of her forthcoming sixth novel, The Right Place


Once you’ve listened to the podcast, jump onto this thread, where Heather & Georgina will be answering your questions & chatting about the novel all day today.

Did you love it? Were you rooting for Sally & Noah? Did you think it was too much of a departure from Curtis Sittenfeld’s other books? Let us know in the comments below….


Can’t wait to hear what everyone thought of the book! I know it’s been a bit divisive in the office!

Good Morning Book Club!
We’d love to hear your thoughts about the book - please do share your views!

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Love, love, loved this book, it was such a great read and one that I am pretty sure I wouldn’t normally pick out… I was wholeheartedly invested in the characters from beginning to end and enjoyed that each of the three sections were distinctly different, yet linked together so well. Subtle, relatable humour, and brilliant dialogue. Is it possible to fall for a fictional character?! Somebody please clone me a Noah Brewster!!


Haha - he’s definitely from the Marian Keyes camp of swoony love interests! I’m also so curious to hear what Making Love In July would sound like!

Glad you enjoyed the read - have you read any of her other books before?

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Ditto, I have a little rift in my head as to how Making Love in July would sound :slight_smile:
I haven’t read any of her other books, though very keen to check them out now.

Also I am so pleased you picked David Nichols new novel as the next book club read as I had just ordered this for my holiday :raised_hands:t2:

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Eeeek, am I alone in this? I found him to be a very lackluster love interest! Separated from that glowing halo of celebrity, I thought he was kind of meh? I wish I could remember more specifics bc I read this book a few months ago but that was my biggest takeaway!

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I’ve just started it - loving it so far!

Oh, see I liked him because underneath it all, he seemed quite normal! A little earnest at times, for sure (haha!), but I liked that it wasn’t all glitz and glamour!

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Oh I’m halfway through the David Nichols and totally invested in the characters… It’s such a joy to be reading him again.

I think for me Noah became so big hearted when he helped with Sally’s step father - that gave him the depth the character needed.


100% !! It made him the real deal :slight_smile:

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Great to hear you’re enjoying it! He is so good. I am saving for my poolside read next week in Italy…

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