The science behind the Shelves

Two floating shelves, maybe 150 cm long-
How to decorate them? Right now I have some dear objects but it seems crowded and it lacks structure, you can’t see intention behind it. I sense there is some law on outline and dynamics… I want it to give calm and balanced but not overly simetrical and predictable, like you can’t crack it right away. My theme is sea, pretty much, so I have one big seashell, some brass, photo frame, coffee table books, wooden jazz orchestra figurines, a candle…

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It’s tricky isn’t it - one of those things that when it looks right it just works!

Here’s a styling feature we wrote which hopefully will help?

This is somewhat helpful, but also complex :joy: there are some good tips, though trial and error seem inevitable… As a guideline, I’ll take creating small groups and triangular shape throughout the shelves

This can be so difficult but as you said it’s a lot of trial and error until you’re happy with how it looks! I have shelves at home too and I think book/magazine stacking and layering different objects of different heights and sizes really ties it together.

It’s also worth having a look a on Pinterest for inspiration and save ideas that you think you could recreate with the pieces you have!