Thoughts on Profhilo

I’m considering having Profhilo - what are everyone’s thoughts?

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For me it just wasn’t worth it, I didn’t see enough bang for my buck. Individual results will obviously vary and I was disappointed that the subtle glow and skin ‘wellness’ that others experienced didn’t appear to materialise. (I am 57). Take before and after pics to check because the results are so subtle it’s hard to be sure either way. I persevered for several costly treatments wanting it to work but have now reluctantly given it up…

Interesting, thanks for your feedback! Def looking for some bang for my buck! x

I’ve had it and I really rate it. I have been having treatment for melasma which really dries out the skin and Profhilo really helped. I’ve also found that my skin looks plumper. I now have it twice a year. The other option is Polynucleotides or HArmonyCa. Dr Sophie Shotter has some really good videos on her instagram about the benefits based on what you want to improve. :grinning:

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I’m 56 and have been having Profhilo for about three years and I have to say that I love it. Yes, the effects are subtle but quite frankly at my age every little thing helps. My skin is definitely a little firmer and whilst not glowier, it is better - I get more compliments for the 5-6 months after administration. I combine this with botox and together I’ve managed to not go down the filler-route…yet. Give it a go.

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I really rate it, I think as we’re all so critical of ourselves the results are harder to identify ourselves. But I’ve had it twice now over the past year and I get compliments on my skin after the sort of 6-8 week window and onwards when I have done it. It definitely gives a youthful glow back


I am also about to try this! I’ve heard only good reviews my end, but it is worth noting that results aren’t instant, they are gradual, so worth being patient and you’ll need a few sessions to notice better glow etc

Hi, I’ve been having Profhilo for a couple of years. I absolutely love it. It definitely has an impact on my skin and I can tell when I am ready for a top up. It’s better to have a course of two when you first start but then I just have a single top up when I feel it’s needed. It takes about 2 weeks for the full effects to show on me and then a top up about every 3-4 months.
I would advise shopping around for a reputable aesthetician before you take the plunge. I have also noticed that some ask absolutely ridiculous prices for it so be wary of the over-inflated clinics.