Tips for dyeing hair at home!

Hello - anyone have any tips/hair products for dyeing hair at home?

Thank you :slight_smile:


I’ve never done it myself, but we did gather lots of expert tips around this once for a SheerLuxe article:

Hopefully helpful! I recommend trying the brand Glaze too - they are easy-to-use formulas that are a bit less daunting than permanent colours - a good way to dip your toe!

SOme great tips in the article, my number one is definitely don’t forget about the petroleum jelly- future you will really thank you! Also I always found it helped for a friend to help/look over when it comes to the back of the hair.
I always start with roots and then once all roots are covered work my way down as the ends of our hair are naturally lighter.

Thank you both!

SMOTHER your hairline and eyes in Vaseline (especially if you’re dyeing it darker) so you don’t accidentally also dye the hairs on your face!

I started using Garnier nutrisse after lockdown. I use Holly’s shade and can honestly say my hair has never looked better. I used to spend a fortune at the salon and my hair was brittle and roots seemed to show very early. Now a quick application and it looks healthy and multi tonal, much more natural looking than before. I even use only half the box quantity for each application so have saved hundreds of pounds in the last few years. Just follow the instructions, and you really can’t go wrong.

Wash hair with a proper cleansing shampoo the wash before you dye. Go as long as possible for your first wash after dying. Both will extend the colour…

I really like esalon for home hair colouring. They can give you advice on the best colours to suit you and their highlight kits give you salon quality highlights. It’s all easy to use and they have a subscription service.

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