Tips for fine hair holding curl/style

Hey everyone <3

I was wondering if anyone had any products or tips for fine hair that doesn’t hold curl. I have a shark flex style, and when I use it the curls dont even last an hour. Ive tried mousse, texture spray and pinning it and nothing holds! I have similar probs with curling irons too, starting to give up haha!

Would love any products or tips for this <3


Does the Shark tool have a cool shot? That can really help prolong the style of your hair…

Have you tried this:

Pretty much does everything! Or a good blast of dry shampoo can sometimes help…

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I have the same problem too but I followed this advice ( from the Dyson website which should work on the flex and it’s worked much better for me!

Still doesn’t hold the curl as perfectly as heat tools though, but sets my hair up for the next few days when I use my overnight heat less curlers.

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I have very fine hair, the only thing that helps with curls are good old fashion heated rollers.

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Thanks Sabrina! I’ve not thought about wrapping around the tool before so will try this technique

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I looooove heated rollers, may have to go back to those


I always find a light spray of dry shampoo brushed through each section before using my GHD Volume brush works really well to thicken my hair and gently hold the curl
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I pincurl sections and grip in place. A little mousse or product beforehand too. Let it dry, remove grips, run your fingers through and voila!

The thickening dry shampoo really helps hold the curls in!

ah this is a great ideathank you! im running out of dry shampoo atm so will get some of this x

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This really helps my curls hold and I have fairly fine hair. X

This hair spray is so good!
Schwarzkopf got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray 300ml - Boots