Tips on how to preserve a wedding bouquet!

Looking for tips of how to preserve a wedding bouquet! I love seeing the glass frames with the flowers preserved between. Wondering if I can do it myself or if there is an expert in London or Dorset anyone could recommend?


I’m thinking of doing this for mine! Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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It’s a lovely idea! My mother had this done for me when I got married over 18 years ago and they are still in a frame on my bedroom wall. They’ve retained their colour and form - although I would not hang them in direct sunlight - and when I do glance at them it does make me stop and think about that day, even now! if you can find a local company then I think that’s best so someone can get your bouquet to them as quickly as possible after the big day. Have a wonderful wedding!

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Thank you!!

Harriet does beautiful dried flowers and if you look at her Instagram feed there are examples of bouquets she has done.

Thank you!!! SO many good tips on this chat! Harriet’s designs are so beautiful x