Top fake tan tips

So I’ve been fake tanning with gradual tan for years now, but I want to try using normal fake tan (which I’ve always been too scared to use haha).
I’ve got the Bare by Vogue medium tan foam ready at home with the glove, but before I go ahead would love to know people’s top tips for fake tanning to make sure I get the best possible outcome!
Thanks so much in advance x


Exciting!! I’ve been fake tanning once a week for about twenty years now so am obsessed :joy: and also love bare by vogue (extra dark :orange_heart:). Prep is key. A really good exfoliation before you apply tan is essential - suggest a good scrubby scrub and a scrub mitt or gloves. You’ll then need to mosturise key areas that are prone to dryness like knees, elbows, ankles/feet and hands. Avoid anything too oily, including your cleanser/soap in shower before as that can affect tan. Then just go for it. I start with legs and suggest using remainder on mitt for feet rather than another pump of tan. Same with hands - use leftover tan on mitt or rather than more tan as can be too much. Make sure you blend the edges around your hands and wrists, so I tend to rub edges of my hands together once tan is on to blend it, and same with fingers - I interlock my fingers with hands back to back and rub them back and forth (this is hard to describe!) but just aiming to soften any edges basically. I then make fists with my hands and swipe my knuckle areas over a flannel or towel to also get any excess off. Hands and feet are the trickiest. You could always use a fluffy make up brush to buff edges in. Once it’s showered off, make sure you moisturise daily to keep tan looking good. Good luck. Let us know how you get on!

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I agree with all of these tips! I use a dense brush for my face, hands and feet for more accurate application and to prevent them from developing darker than the rest of my body / becoming patchy

This is the brush I use:

Thanks so much, this is SO helpful!

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I always moisturise my elbows and knees and back of heel as these areas are dryer or rougher so tan tends to grab there. And yes as above, prep is key - scrub, scrub and scrub!

I had a spray yesterday and the therapist used a round foundation brush on my ankles, wrists and hairline and buffed away any hard lines. So clever.

Not a tanning application tip but on the topic of Bare, there is a 20% code at the moment: GLOW20.
Enjoy & glow! x

Loving those tips, thanks so much everyone!!