Hello! I’m looking for a new tray, anybody have any suggestions?


I would have a look at Zara Home, Georg Jensen, Royal Copenhagen, Dibbern, Ginori and La Porcellana Bianca:*10w9ok6*_up*MQ..&gclid=CjwKCAiAibeuBhAAEiwAiXBoJO5gqjpLtKRjzthnvdKGYOIHsteJAIO2HNN_Quy5w6I5F8eEDN6IehoCSwEQAvD_BwE#aq=%40categories%20%3D%3D%20("dish")&numberOfResults=28

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Addison Ross have lovely trays

This one from John Lewis is lovely

And Dunelm have some great bargains


Love my tray from Addison Ross:

Saw this from Soho Home on the weekend which is lovely:

The Lacquer Company also have great options:

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Some high street options:

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If you are looking for a show stopper, Tom Dixon creates the loveliest pieces. They are pretty pricey though, so keep an eye out on eBay or they do great sample sales. Tom Dixon Official | The Home of Extraordinary Objects

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I love the trays from Tooka

and Mrs Alice

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Addison Ross are just the best!

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thank you these look amazing!

Love these!

I love this from The Lacquer Company and this from Birdie Fortescue. This is also cool from Soho Home.

I bought these. Good value for the pair

Love these ones…

John Lewis have some lovely scalloped trays at the moment, affordable too!