Treatments for dry scalp

Annoyingly during the winter my scalp gets super dry and sometimes quite painful at the back of my neck. I’ve tried a few different shampoos but nothing particularly works! Does anyone have any recommendations?

I swear by this: AMELIORATE AMELIORATE Transforming Scalp Serum 125ml | AMELIORATE

It is SO soothing and nourishing! I also recommend Hello Klean’s Scalp Soak: HELLO KLEAN Clarifying Scalp Soak 200ml | Cult Beauty

It gives your scalp an overhaul and is one of the best products I’ve ever tried - you just need to get past the vinegar smell x

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This Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner is quite good for irritation and itchiness, really soothing x

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The Phillip Kingsley shampoo that has no fragrance or anything like that is amazing for overall hair health!

The Gisou honey infused scalp treatment is so good for this!

Have tried scalp massage? I would recommend scalp mask/peeling from Simone trichology it does magic!

The Body Shop Ginger shampoo is good for keeping a dry/ itchy scalp in check. I use this first and follow up with my usual shampoo and conditioner designed for coloured hair. The Body Shop have an oil in the same range which has great reviews, but I’ve not used it.

OK, so I’m usually a snob when it comes to haircare. I will spend money because I believe the value is better and I end up needing less product, so I don’t think it’s really so wrong to be a brand snob! But, on a whim I tried the Head and Shoulders RX range; they have a product which you apply to your scalp and wait for about 10 mins (I tend to leave it on and forget about it and then some hours later remember to rinse!) You then wash your hair as normal (you can use any shampoo but watch you don’t use something which causes the issue to happen in the first place!)
They have I think two or three variations on the RX theme, it’s not like the usual Head and Shoulder range (though I have to be honest, I’m too much of a snob to have actually tried!) But this treatment thing? It’s about £6 I think, Boots have it, Superdrug have it, occasionally it’s on offer for less. I find that I use it once and my scalp seems good for another 5 or so washes. I have tried many other products, they don’t seem to help much.
The Philip Kingsley Itchy Flakey Scalp treatment is OK, but I find I have to use it at least every other time I wash my hair or the itch comes back. I don’t have an oily scalp- actually the opposite, I have tried going down the natural route, I tried other premium brands which promised to help with this, but either my hair ended up being very weighed down and clumpy with oils (and my scalp still itched!) or they did nothing at all.

Moo Goo has a great range of products targeted at this specific issue. It’s all natural and highly effective. Moo Goo - hair products for an itchy and dry scalp