Trip to Ireland

Hello! I am going to Ireland for the first time in June for 10 days and I need suggestions for what kind of clothes and shoes to pack.

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You are going to have the best time! Ireland is so beautiful, and there is a really great cultural scene.
I’d say layer, layer layer. Pack for all eventualities. My experience in Ireland is that you can pretty much experience all four seasons in one day. Generally though, in June, it will be pretty mild - staying around the mid double digits.

A lightweight trench is a must, and will go with everything - handy if it rains too (which it will).
Trainers are your best friends, leave the sandals and flip flops at home.
Denim is so versatile and is appropriate for all weather, and lightweight trousers will work with everything.
T-shirts and oversized shirts, that can be layered underneath a comfy knit, are ideal.
It does get a bit chilly, especially if you are on the coast - so a big jumper and a fleece is a must.

Have the best time!

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Thank you! Any specific suggestions for the lightweight trench coat and Trainers?

Totally agree with Elle! Layers are a must, maybe take some finer long sleeve tees and just a couple of knits to layer. You can also wear a knit over your shoulders on top of a trench coat, as an easy removal layer and good alternative to a scarf.
Accessories are also key - a cap or a beanie could come in handy!

In terms of specific suggestions, H&M have some good trench coats, as does Zara for more affordable options. I think the Adidas OG sambas are a good easy trainer.

I’d go

But COS have really nice ones depending on your budget.

Trainers: adidas are smashing it at the moment - so i’d have a look on there for some comfy ones - maybe in a bright colour as it is a summer month!

I totally agree with the girls - layers are great. I always tend to travel with a light gilet that I can add: