Tuscany/Italy wedding venue recommendations

Hello all!

I was wondering if anyone has got married/been to a wedding in Italy? And have any recs for venues?

Have recently got engaged and would like to go over soon to look for some venues, but have no idea where to start! Feeling a bit overwhelmed and always great to get personal recommendations!

Thinking Tuscany area, laidback farmhouse vibes.

Thanks so much!

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Hey! Our friends are getting married here next year which looks absolutely stunning but still with that farmhouse vibe x

Il Borro - Arezzo,

Villa Cetinale - Siena,

Villa Gamberaia - Florence

Oh that looks amazing!! Thank you so much! X

Ah Thank you so much!! I will check those out xx

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My friends got married at Villa Corsini in Florence last year, beautiful venue. Ps congratulations! :two_hearts: