Tween makeup and skin care brands

My daughter loves skin care but I do worry about using things that either are age inappropriate and might irritate her skin or are full of chemicals. She already loves My Olivanna, Byoma and Florence but I’m wondering if there are any others she might like.


When I was younger I loved the Clear Start range by Dermalogica!

It’s a minefield isn’t it? I think those brands are some of the best and all I know for sure is to avoid those cheap £1 sachets of face masks. They’re packed with nasties that’ll mess up her skin’s pH.

I would also recommend caudalie, although it’s marketed towards a more mature audience due to price point, all ingredients are made from grapes, and so are naturally derived and non irritating.

Purdy has GREAT taste already Pip - she should check out Lottie London x

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I think if what she’s using is working, there’s no need to switch things up too much, especially in skincare. There are some fun makeup brands though - e.l.f. is fab and i was recently recommend this brand by a makeup artist:

looks fun!

agree with these reccos - it does depend on her skin and what suits her, but i haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love CeraVe! x

Thanks so much everyone, I’m not sure I knew what a cleanser was at 10! Some great advice and recommendations x

agreed! CeraVe or Cetaphil was a go to when I was that age!

Thank you!

I think Byoma would be great - they actually gave the LGs some bits recently and I’ve been using it religiously since! Nothing complex and very affordable. Makes your skin feel lovely!

Hey Kate thanks so much! x

Cerave is great and affordable! Aveeno is great for being gentle too.

If you have a bit more budget, La Roche posay, curel and drunk elephant are all really great!

Clarins have a great teen range:

Farmacy Beauty could be a nice option. They have a lot of gentle formulas.