UK MiniMoon options

Hi All,

Myself and My partner are getting Married at Kin House in September this year and can’t decide where best to go for a few nights right after the wedding, we are currently deciding between the following:
Thyme, The Newt, Cowley Manor, Babington House or a Daylesford Cottage.

We want somewhere with a spa/pool to relax and have some treatments, great food options and possibilities of activities. Ultimately we want a real luxury experience and to just soak up the post wedding magic together.

If any of you have been to the above or have other reccomendations id love your advice on which you think would be best, or if you could advise which your preferred that would be amazing, thank you x

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Of your list I have only been to the Newt but I would highly highly recommend it - probably the best hotel I have ever stayed at and sounds like it would fit your brief perfectly. The spa is great, there are 3 restaurants to choose from, service is amazing and you’ve got plenty of activities you can do if you want (was actually super interesting to do garden tours etc). The grounds are just stunning. We stayed in a farmhouse room which was lovely and so fun to drive golf buggies between there and the main hotel site but I am dying to go back and stay in a Hapsden room next time!

Ahh Thank you so much Jess, that sounds utterly dreamy and like you say, exactly what we are looking for. Its so hard to know what’s best as there are so many fab options but this is so great to know you loved it so thank you so much for sharing x

Of all those hotels, I would choose The Newt for something really, really special. Food, service, style, grounds etc – all 10/10. The attention to detail is also amazing, it’s like its own little village and you won’t want to leave!