UK Summer Holiday recommendations - with outdoor pool and/or beach nearby

hi all

My Ibiza holidays for june got cancelled and now I am stranded in the UK so trying to find a ‘similar’ plan…

The weather in the UK is very unpredictable I know, but want to try to book somewhere with a nice outdoor pool and a beach nearby in case the nice weather blesses us that week…

Does anyone have any good recommendations in terms of location/hotels with nice outdoor pools/lodges with outdoor tubs…? Really not sure where to start looking :upside_down_face:

I know it won’t be the same as Ibiza but would appreciate any suggestions!


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Oh Ali, that must be so disappointing!

How long are you looking for – a weekend/week?

I have the whole week of the 19th of June free so something like 4/5 nights as sometimes uk can get even more expensive than an abroad holiday!