Under eye problems

I have deep shadows under my eyes that are caused by my face losing volume has anyone got tips for disguising this? Thank you


I recommend polynucleotides as a treatment and also Sisley eye and lip contour cream. These have both helped me.

I did fillers some years back and I regretted it, and had to have them dissolved. Hope that helps x

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Yes I second polynucleotides which is the treatment everyone’s raving about right now. It’s similar to Profhilo, but it can be injected around the eye area and has minimal downtime/can be done in 20 minutes.

If you don’t want a tweakment, try vitamin K! I always recommend this as a skin expert once told me it’s great for dark circles as often used to prevent bruising / dulling of skin xx



yes ive heard that’s super effective too if you want results quick!

and then for day to day also maybe try cryo rollers or ice globes too to stimulate collagen
plus regular eye masks to keep the glow and brightness up x