Venice restaurants and things to do

Heading to Venice for a wedding this weekend and have a couple of days to spare… any restaurant recommendations or must-things to do or see would be amazing!! X

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Venice is beautiful! If you have time, book in advance the Doge’s Palace, the Basilica di San Marco, Guggenheim Museum and the Scuola Grande di San Rocco. You can also visit the Biennale (currently ongoing) - you can book tickets in advance or buy them at the entrace.

For a really good meal, go to the Jewish Ghetto at Trattoria da Mimmo.

I adore Venice. The restaurants I most enjoy are. :-
Trattoria alls Madonna
Al covo
Al gatto nero on Burano.
All these are authentic with the freshest of ingredients

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If you want a fancyish mid-price meal try Ristorante Riviera, beautiful setting looking out across the water with the sun setting. For a great bar environment in a piazza head to Campo Santa Margherita.

Vino Vero for wine by the glass and cicchetti with the locals
Order a Bellini at Harry’s Bar (invented here)
Osteria alle Testier - only 22 seats, must book in advance but amazing seafood!!

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