Vitamin D Supplements

Can anyone recommend a good vitamin d supplement?

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BetterYou - easy-to-take spray supplements!

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Definitely try the spray by ‘better you’ - absorbs v quickly and so easy to use. I put it by my teabags so I remember to use it!

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The most bioavailable source of vitamin D is D3, paired with K2 and a source of fat (lipid) for direct delivery to the cells. Plus magnesium is essential for vit D absorption, so my top pick is the YourZooki Vitamin D3 + K2 Liposomal sachets, naturally berry flavour. Gel like consistency that can be taken straight up or in water. Pair with a magnesium glycinate supplement and your energy, beauty and vibrancy will sky rocket! xo


Love the Zooki vitamin D!

Yeah it’s so good, Tor. Really effective product with a great delivery system. Plus the berry flavour is yum!!

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Another vote for BetterYou spray. Can also highly recommend their magnesium spray!

I second the BetterYou spray!