Walking on Dorset Coast

I’m going to Dorset next week and staying slightly inland. I’ve got one day to visit the coast and I’m trying to choose between Lulworth Cove or Studland Bay. At the moment I’m more drawn to Lulworth as the scenery looks more exciting and my kids are old enough to manage something challenging. Any tips on walks, parking and places to eat - plus, do we brace wetsuits and go for a dip? Is there anywhere to change if we do?

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ALWAYS embrace wetsuits and go for a dip!

In terms of restaurants, Catch is meant to be excellent – but might be a bit fancier than needed for this particular trip:


I’d say Lulworth Cove between the two - I remember the hill being a mission and a half! I haven’t been in ages so can’t help with the rest but it’s gorgeous and I’m sure you’ll love it. I do believe there’s public loos and a cafe at the bottom x