Wall lights

I am looking for some wall lights to attach to panelling in my house. Will sit either side on the wall that the bed is against. Looking for a country vibe - not too modern, but don’t mind a bit of brass or gold. If anyone’s seen any good ones or knows of good brands/sites, let me know


Wall lights on panelling in a bedroom? The DREAM! Pooky would be my first stop as they’re well priced and always have a great range

They have lots of brass ones or this one which you can install either up or down, with a shade of your choice to match the rest of the interior

If you prefer glass, this would through some pretty patterns on to the walls at night tpp

Love the sound of this! We have wall lights by our bed but started off with a really simple style from the John Lewis Anyday range (they were £30 each!) as I wanted to see live in the space for a bit and see how the room develops before investing in something nicer. I have my eye on Pooky too (love some of the coloured shades) and really like Industville as a brand: Wall Lights & Sconce Lighting | Vintage& Modern Ranges | Industville