I absolutely love your style! What are your top tips for shopping for clothes and building a wardrobe? Your favourite brands? Thank you.


Thats so kind thank you!
To help define your style, i think it’s useful to save and create and moodboard of looks you love, you start to see a common thread running the images which can help inspire new looks from your wardrobe or help see whats missing.
When you are looking to buy something, ask yourself if you really love it, and how would you wear it? My wardrobe is very capsule and in quite a refined colour palette ( denim, black, grey, white, navy ) so I like to be able to mix and match everything, which makes it so much easier to get dressed in a hurry. Toteme, Anine Bing, Cos, Closed, Massimo Dutti, Almada, Khaite are some of my favourite brands brands that really lean into this way of dressing - its more about investing in pieces that work hard in your wardrobe and creating effortless everyday looks that last season after season.

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