Waterproof mascara that doesn’t irritate eyes…

Hi, I don’t have particularly sensitive eyes but for some reason waterproof mascara always irritates my eyes. Has anyone with this problem ever found one that doesn’t bother them? Going on holiday to a hot climate in a few weeks and really want something waterproof!

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Have you tried a tubing mascara? I use Boots No7 Stay Perfect and really rate it - it’s waterproof but you can remove it with warm water so it doesn’t irritate eyes.


Try Lancome Idole Mascara or Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara.

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I’d second trying a tubing mascara. I like the Blink Brow Bar which is non-irritating. Let us know if you find something you like :heart:

I really recommend this for sensitive eyes:

It’s really good and gentle! I believe there is a waterproof version too

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Yes please try tubing you wont look back. Hourglass i love

I love love love this one!

I love this one from Dior!