Wearable tech

Hi! I’m keen to buy some sort of wearable tech but I don’t love the look of most of the popular options on the market - Whoop, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Oura ring etc. Don’t feel like they look right to wear every day with my existing watch and jewellery! Any other options out there that look good and do the same thing?

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We had given this as a present:


I really rate the Apple watch and think the strap alternatives out there now are great!
Amazon do great ones

It’s tricky isn’t it! I agree with Laura though, apple watches are much better now. Buy HUAWEI WATCH FIT - Smart Watch - HUAWEI UK

Also heard great things about this! And it’s a bit more slim and streamlined

I loved the wonderful Laurel Pantin’s post on how to style a smart watch!
This Is Niche: Can You Make A Smartwatch Look Cool (substack.com)
Might give some inspo.

I love my oura ring, only need to charge it every 5 or so days wear it all the time and still get to wear a nice watch and bracelets on my wrists. They come in lots of different styles now i have silver one that goes well with my gold ans platinum rings ect.