Web Designer recommendations

I am a freelance in the entertainment business, I need a website made, I don’t have a huge budget but I need a page made that looks creative and reflects my personality.
If anyone knows anybody that is starting out and wants some new clients I would be keen to get in touch.
Thanks a ton! X

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My friend Paddy has a great web design company (and he’s great, too) – http://wincstudio.co.uk/ x


Thanks so much

I also recommend signing up to thedots.com - a lot of start up creatives aorund there where you can find asomeone that matches your creative vision x

That’s great thank you!

I always recommend https://www.squarespace.com/ as a starting point for people looking to set up their first website as I genuinely don’t think you can beat it for quality against price. There are so many templates to choose from and you can further personalise them to suit you - plus if you do have any extra budget for a web designer (or just anyone who knows a little code) you can really make them feel bespoke and they’re free to constantly update/refresh/grow as you and your business do x

https://www.letsdesignyoursite.com/ these guys are fab!

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