Wedding Anniversary Trip Recs

Planning a trip to celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary in September. Would love to try The Maldives, does anyone have any recs/hotels/advice? Thanks!
Emma x


Hi Emma. Congratulations, and Maldives is a great place for a special celebration. It’s a holiday of a lifetime. People will tell you there are ‘better’ times of year to go but the weather there is so variable all the time, you can get lucky (or unlucky!) at any time of the year. I went in October 2021 and it was fabulous weather.

3 things to think about:

  1. Are you happy to travel by seaplane? It’s a long journey from UK to Maldives so I didn’t fancy getting on a tiny plane after all that! There are islands which are reachable by speedboat.

  2. Do you want a beach room/villa or an over-water villa? The over-water villas are iconic so make for great pictures and lots of them you get direct steps into the sea, but they’re also pretty noisy if the sea gets rough on a windy night.

  3. Are you happy with an outdoor bathroom? Lots of the Maldives hotels have outdoor bathrooms, which means sharing your shower with (friendly) lizards and applying make up with no air con :joy:

I stayed at Velassaru, arrived by speedboat and didn’t need to wear shoes for an entire week as everywhere was sand under foot. Bliss :heart:

Wow so helpful! Thanks for all your tips and advice! Would not have thought of any of those things! Will check out Velassuru! Thanks again x

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If you want to splash out, one of the Soneva properties would be at the top of my list!

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