Wedding attire help

Hi, I have a wedding in March & no idea what to wear or even look for. I’d like not to wear a dress but have never gone to a wedding without a dress before so unsure where to start. Size 14-16 ish… any & all suggestions considered! No budget really but nothing over £200. Thanks

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I would consider a suit! I like to wear pink so I would naturally lean towards that but I think other light colours would also be nice in March like light blue perhaps.
I would look at brands like ME & EM for this. Nearer the time on the high street I think COS does great tailoring.
I’d style it with a fun bag so it doesn’t feel too formal.

Brill, thanks for the inspo! I actually really like the idea of a colourful suit paired with a statement bag :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: me + em never fail to deliver either!!