Wedding dress dry cleaning

Hello! Does anyone have any recommendations for dry cleaners in London that can do wedding dresses? Also ballpark figure for how much you’ve paid would be helpful, as not sure if a quote I’ve been given is what you’d expect to pay.


I would also love to know where to get this from!

A couple of years ago but I used ‘Atlantic Cleaners’ who you send your dress off to and then ship it back to you. The price was based on the dress value (for insurance purposes I think) so cost £250 as my dress was about £3,000.

My dress was FILTHY (London wedding and a train not the best combo!!) and they did a decent job although it didn’t come back 100% white.

My wedding dress shop also recommended a very similar company called Terrington Burchett.


Thank you, this is really helpful! Also makes sense with quotes I’ve been getting if that factors insurance in - as initially I was a bit shocked at the quotes :sweat_smile:

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