Wedding - Fake tan

I am getting married in June. I have never had a spray tan but toying with the idea of either getting a professional spray tan or practising and doing it myself. I live in south west London.

Any recommendations on best spray tans or buy on the shelf bottles would be amazing. Currently use bare by vogue mousse - but is there something better?!

Thank you!!

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I have had a spray tan at Tan City in Balham and was pleased with it!
In terms of doing it yourself I love Amanda Harrington!

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I have tried every spray tan under the sun and find that I can’t beat St Tropez. It has more of a green base which goes better with my skin tone, whereas for example Sienna X has more of a red base which doesn’t suit me as much. I find St Tropez very similar to Bare By Vogue.

I would try the classic St Tropez bronzing mousse from boots to begin with to see if that tone is for you: and then give a spray tan a whirl.
I think for the big day, your guaranteed even coverage and they master hands and feet which I know I always struggle with when tanning myself at home.

Salon wise, I always get my sprays done at Lotus Spa in Wandsworth!

Hope this helps x

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I highly recommend getting a spray tan on your wedding day - but have a trial tan first!

Magdelaine is brilliant!

Thank you so much. Have got in contact!! X

James Harknett is a specialist at pre-wedding tans, and I could not recommend him more: The best of the best!

I second Chloe on James Harknett for a professional spray tan. You could not be in safer hands than with him, he knows every tan tip under the sun!

As far as bottles go, they vary so much for everyone/depends on your skin type too, but I love Bondi Sands personally x

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