Wedding jewellery

I’m struggling to find bridal jewellery & am looking for some affordable options. Ideally silver in colour with some pearls. I don’t want anything that will age over time, so some classic & timeless earring & necklace ideas would be hugely appreciated!

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I’m actually getting married this year and got my wedding earrings from Liberty In Love. They arrived yesterday and they are so lovely! So can definitely recommend if you’re looking for nice and affordable bits x

These earrings from Daphine are a good classic: Christy Hoops or soru have some more fun options

I bought a pair of double drop pearl earrings from Sandra Alexandra for my wedding - I wanted something classic but with a modern edge. They were affordable and I still wear them loads! She does mostly gold although work a look.

Lily & Roo also has a good selection: Silver Large Pearl Drop Hoop Earrings – Lily & Roo

Mejuri has some pretty silver pieces like earrings with pearls and dainty necklaces which I think are a classic style that won’t age over time

Completed Works do beautiful pearl jewellery which would be perfect for a bride but can also be worn after! x

Gigi and Olive do really fun jewellery bits for wedding gifts