Wedding Morning Nightgown

I’ve been looking recently into silk/satin nightgowns for my wedding morning. I expected to immediately find what I have in mind but it appears to be not so simple.
I’m looking for a midi/maxi silk or satin nightgown with lace, white/cream/ champagne. Matching dressing gown would be ideal but not essential.
Love the idea of buying from a small brand so it’s more unique but I didn’t have much luck with the likes of Etsy.
Anyone know any brands worth looking into?


Gigi & Olive do some lovely ones, plus you can get them embroidered! Search: 16 results found for "robe" – Gigi & Olive

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Have you considered linen?
I love this ruffled style that can be personalised and it’s from a small UK business The Ruffled Linen Robe – Clementine & Mint