Wedding / Party Photographer

I am looking for a photographer for a low key wedding party at Brunswick House. Someone to capture all the small moments and details of the day. Ideally not too spenny. xx


here’s our list of the best! 21 Wedding Photographers You Need To Know | SheerLuxe

I can personally recommend a couple of great photographers if you are still looking Abi Chadwick and great party photographers Lina & Tom

A really good tip an SL bride gave me the other day was even if you find someone who’s style you love but they’re fully booked on your event date, ask them for similar recommendations. They all know each other’s style and it’s an easier way to find someone who still fits the brief.

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My wedding photographer was amazing - worth checking her out!

Lucky you having a wedding party at BH – one of my faves!

Emily Robinson Photography. She charges to travel outside of Lancashire but her work is beautiful

Bizzy Arnott is amazing and so lovely,