Wedding Planner Reccs

Hi, does anyone have any good around-London-based wedding planner reccomendations? A lot of the one’s I’ve emailed have pretty high minimum budgets (6 figures +). We have a decent budget and would like a planner but struggling to find one that fits us. Any reccs would be appreciated!

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Hello Jamilah, and congratulations!
Feel free to contact my team. We are a luxury lifestyle concierge company with events and wedding planners in London, Dorset and Hampshire.
We have worked with a number of venues, caterers and suppliers across the UK, so we would be happy to have a chat and advise.

Speak soon :slight_smile:

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Hi Jamilah,

Congratulations on your engagement!

If you are still looking for a wedding planner, check out

Happy planning!


Hi Jamilah, congratulations on your engagement!
Definitely check out Michelle is based in London, and works with a vast range of clients. The weddings I have been to of hers have always been incredible!

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Have you had a look at the Rock My Wedding directory? I found it so helpful when wedding planning! Wedding Venues and Wedding Suppliers

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If you are still looking I can recommend a wonderful planner Claire Do Monte depending on exactly what your budget is. I know a lot of planners, so do feel free to message if you want any other recommendations that I can base on your budget