Wedding Planning - Where do I start? Course recommendations?

Hi, I’m recently engaged and have no idea what I need to do first, I feel like there are so many things to consider and I don’t know where to start. Unfortunately I can’t afford a wedding planner, but I wondered if anyone can point me in the direction of a wedding planning course? or Online resource to help me plan.


Hi Abby!!

Huge congratulations on your engagement!
I am totally in the same position and a friend of mine showed me this Instagram page @gilchristbridesclub, they are about to launch a wedding planning course! I have signed up and I’m super excited!

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Congratulations! Firstly enjoy the engagement bubble and celebrations!!

Then (I know it sounds boring) I’d advise you start with budget and your guest list as this will dictate the venue (certain places have a minimum number they will host for and of course the cost will naturally exclude some venues).

Once you’ve the venue booked everything else will be so much easier as you can’t really do anything until you have a date to start the ball rolling with your other exciting vendors (photographer, musicians, cake, dress shopping etc. as you might get a better idea of the theme once you’ve picked the venue).

I got married last May and didn’t have a wedding planner either. Have fun with it and happy planning x

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